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FUTURE OF THE YOGA TEACHER Panel #4 On the Spiritual Guide with Hari-kirtana Das and Pranada Comtois Join us as we explore the intersection of teaching yoga and being a spiritual guide. What is a ‘spiritual guide’? How does one identify a genuine spiritual guide? How does one know if they are qualified to be […]
Iyengar Yoga Teacher Nikki Costello discusses how we can begin to embody the philosophy of yoga. This short video was extracted from Nikki’s talk, “One Sutra for a Lifetime” – one of 11 talks featured as a part of the Radical Practice Lecture Series. To access this series, see courses.
POLITICS & PRACTICE / What can activists learn from the contemplative tradition and what can contemplatives learn from activists? How do we balance our own emotional triggers so as to remain skillful in political action? What is the relationship between recapitulated emotional traumas and styles of political engagement? Contemplative Psychotherapist and Assistant Director of the Nalanda Institute, Dr. Miles Neale responds to these questions and more in today's episode of SADHAKA. Miles is the 5th guest in this 5-day series exploring the intersection of yoga, spirituality, and politics
PRACTICE & POLITICS / How does one engage confrontation as a yoga practitioner without collapsing into negativity? What is the political situation that we’re in and how does it relate to recent history and to the history of other cultures? Social Justice Activist, Organizer and Yoga Teacher, Kate Werning, is our 4th guest in this […]
PRACTICE & POLITICS / What is the history of political activism in the yoga community? What forces might lead a yogi to shy away from engaging with the current socio-political situation? How can we understand our yoga practice as integrated with the goal of intersubjective communication and a healthier public realm? Join Social Justice Scholar […]
PRACTICE & POLITICS / What kind of wisdom can yoga teachers bring to the socio-political conversation right now on the subject of bodies? Today’s SADHAKA guest, Erica Mather has much to say on the topic of body politics and more on the connection between yoga and political awareness. This is the 2nd conversation in a […]
PRACTICE & POLITICS / Is there a conflict between spirituality and politics? What mindset informs the view that one cannot be both a spiritual teacher and an activist? Shambhavi Sarasvati of Jaya Kula has recently been criticized for being both a spiritual teacher and an engaged political actor. Find out what Shambhavi, the Spiritual Head […]
Join us as we explore the relationship between yoga and physical therapy with Diana Zotos Florio and Matthew Taylor. In what ways do yoga and physical therapy methods and principles diverge? From the perspective of physical therapy, are there any ways yoga teacher trainings need to be modified? From the perspective of yoga, are there […]
Join Scott Lyons, Ally Bogard and Jacob Kyle as they look at what it means to call yoga teaching a practice of healing. What is healing? What does it mean to call oneself a healer? What makes a yoga class or studio a place where healing can occur? When should a yoga teacher refer a […]

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