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Renunciant traditions invite us to leave the world behind; the householder paths invite a different kind of engagement.
The Vedantic quest for understanding begins from our own consciousness.
One of the central concepts of classical Tantrik philosophy is that of prakasha and vimarsha, the Light of Consciousness and the Power of Self-Awareness.
Hellenism's tradition developed over thousands of years in an on-going co-creative dialogue and exchange with the numerous Eastern traditions of the pre-Christian world.
With the flip of a switch, darkness turns to light. From the lighting of a match to the burning of a fire, a small initial spark grows larger and more intense with the right fuel. As the sun rises over the horizon, there is a gradual shift from darkness to light, a series of gradations […]
As the sun continues along its southern course (dakṣināyaṇa) and the days get shorter approaching the Winter Solstice, those of us living in the northern hemisphere find ourselves enveloped in increasing darkness. For the majority of us living in America, the darkness appears to mirror our current political situation even as we anxiously keep our […]
“Silent Illumination,” or mozhao, is often associated with the Caodong (Jp. Soto) School of Chan (Jp. Zen), and specifically with master Hongzhi Zhengjue (1091-1157). Never before had anyone articulated this teaching so clearly. Hongzhi was prompted to write about Silent Illumination because it was so misunderstood and unfairly criticized. He wished to show that Silent […]
The universe revealed through a meeting with the Light contrasts with the profane Universe—or transcends it—by the fact that it is spiritual in essence. The experience of Light radically changes the ontological condition of the subject by opening him to the world of the Spirit . . . [A] meeting with the Light produces a […]
The grand celebration by the UP government and the claim that firecrackers are integral to the festival goes against the ethos of the many narratives of Diwali. Noah Seelam/AFP The last few years the Uttar Pradesh government has presented to its citizens some of the best immersive theatre experiences of all time. Last year, no […]
Energy medicine is in some ways very basic to all experience and yet it is something that is quite difficult to speak about. One of the reasons it’s difficult to talk about energy medicine is because it refers to phenomena that are usually beyond the purview or perception of our everyday waking consciousness. As children […]
“The World Is Too Much with Us,” by William Wordsworth The world is too much with us; late and soon, Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers; Little we see in Nature that is ours; We have given our hearts away, a sordid boon! …For this, for everything, we are out of tune; In […]
“All things are three, and thrice is all, for, as Pythagoreans say, everything and all things are bound by threes, for the end, the middle, and the beginning have this number in everything.” – Aristotle (4th C BC) There is a sacred myth passed down through the ages which encompasses enduring teachings on non-duality. The […]

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